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Campus Celebrity: Melissa-Emily

Since graduation, graduate Melissa-Emily has taken her love for everything beauty, fashion, and baby to her successful blog Life Beyond Base. Although she graduated in 2010, check out Melissa-Emily’s tips to making the most of your Ramapo Experience!  

My year: 2010

My Major: Contemporary Arts (contract major for Public Relations)
Advice to students: Enjoy your years at Ramapo, Once you get into the real world things change a lot. Appreiciate all of the time you spend with your friends, be involved in as much as you can and last but not least don’t forget the reason why your at Ramapo to begin with. The time will definitly pass quickly and before you know it you will graduate so make the best of your time at Ramapo.
What are you doing now: As of right now I’ve been focusing a lot on my blog. Since I recently moved to TN I’ve been applying and trying to get a job in my field. I have also been making stylish headbands for women & girls you can find more about that if you look on my blog and click on Beyond Bandz on the left sidebar under Pages.

For more on Emily visit her blog at Life Beyond Base!

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