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Awesome App Alert: The Hunt

Have you ever seen someone on campus and LOVED her boots or purse? Did you wonder where she might've gotten her things from? If you can relate, then this new iPhone and Android app called “The Hunt” is a must-have!

With “The Hunt”, you can take or upload pictures of things ranging from jewelry to clothes, shoes to pocketbooks, and even movies and post them on the app. The Hunt allows people to comment on pictures and post links to where you can find the items!

Have an upcoming date at Ramapo this weekend with a fellow classmate and have been dreaming about wearing a Kim Kardashian look-alike dress? Use “The Hunt” to find and complete your perfect outfit. On this app, you can also “gem” other people’s searches so if you like something on the trending page, you can look back at your profile and someday complete your dream purchases. Don’t hesitate, download this free app now!

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