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Alex and Ani: Your Two New Best Friends


Growing up, so many girls were obsessed with super crazy, colorful bangles; this new trend reminds us that we shouldn’t rush to grow out of that phase too quickly! Alex and Ani produces American-made jewelry that the company’s website describes as “eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind and empower the spirit.” The piece that seems to be making the biggest statement around Ramapo lately is the super-customizable charm bangle, available in Russian Gold and Russian Silver finishes. These beautiful bracelets consist of a thin band with a single charm hanging off. The best part? There are so many charms to choose from, so everyone can find their perfect statement piece!

The charms come in a huge variety, and the Alex and Ani website gives you options to search under occasion (think: birthday, Mother’s day), collection (such as sorority and initials), type (for those of us who prefer a beaded bracelet to a charm bracelet), and of course, symbol. The symbols are each charms that come on the bracelets, and they range from anchor, to mermaid, to pineapple, along with everything else in between. These bracelets come with a card, describing what the charm on your bracelet symbolizes. Additionally, the majority of the jewelry ranges from $25 to $50, so they are perfect to either give as a gift to a friend, or to just simply treat yourself to something special!

Wear a single one of these bracelets to add a trendy touch to any outfit, or stack a bunch on to make a statement. Either way, you can always depend on these pieces of jewelry to really show the world your personality.

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