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Your Guide to Election 2012

The upcoming election is around the corner, who will have your vote this election year? There are many factors to take into consideration, however take a look at this quick fact sheet about issues that may pertain to you!

Abortion. Obama is pro-choice, he supports rights to abortions and funding for Planned Parenthood. Romney is pro-life and doesn’t wish to continue funding for Planned Parenthood, however does believe the right to abortion should be decided by each state.

Campus Sexual Violence. Obama’s administration has set up guidelines in that colleges that are federally funded must make sex assault investigations a priority in turn preventing sexual violence. Romney has not stated his views on this subject yet.

Student Debt. Unfortunately as of 2011, 85% of college graduates move back in with their parents because of student debt struggles. Obama strongly believes in college aid and has promoted the “Pay As You Earn” plan, which has specific qualifications. Obama has stated that: “Steps like these won’t take the place of the bold action we need from Congress to boost our economy and create jobs, but they will make a difference.” Romney is also concerned about student debt after graduating college, stating: “I’m not going to promise all sorts of free stuff that I know you’re going to end up paying for. What I want to do is give you a great job so you’ll be able to pay it back yourself. And I want to get the government off your back, so you can keep more of what you earned.”

Birth Control. Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which entails employers being offered contraception on their health plan and being covered by their insurance. Romney promises to overturn the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and would like each state to pass their own laws determining if birth control should be covered fully. Also, Romney favors a bill letting employers opt out of the coverage if they have moral issues with it.

Maternity and Child Care. Obama supports child care and development and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act instructs that nursing moms have a reasonable break time on the job. Romney will increase federal funding for childcare and is interested in raising work requirements for mothers that receive welfare benefits.

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