Why You Should Go Greek!


We’ve all seen the movies and television shows portraying stereotypes about joining sororities and fraternities during college. Despite the negative images of Greek life, there are tons of benefits to being in a sorority.

Everlasting Friendships: The bonds you build while in a sorority will last forever. A sister is someone who will always be there for you, and you can turn to her for anything. If you ever need advice, help with homework or studying, or even just someone to grab lunch with, you will always have a group of girls to turn to. You’ll have a bunch of new friends who share the same values and experiences as you. These personal friendships can last way passed graduation day. Who knows, maybe these girls will even be your bridesmaids!

Community Service: Every sorority has a philanthropy, which provides you with tons of community service opportunities. Sororities create their own events to raise money as well as attending other Greek life events. Participating in community service events is a rewarding feeling that will leave you feeling very proud of yourself. It doesn’t hurt your resume either!

Leadership Opportunities: Sororities require a lot of work given their high levels of involvement on campus. You have the chance to run for executive board or smaller positions that give you the opportunity to be a leader and make changes for the better of the chapter.

Tradition: Depending on which sorority you join, you could be taking part in a very long-standing tradition. Also, if you’re joining a new sorority on campus, you have the chance to start new traditions of your own. Either way, there’s something to be said for having a role in a tradition that will stand the test of time.

Fun: Although there’s a lot of work put into being in a sorority when it comes to meetings, philanthropy, and other responsibilities, it’s not all work and no play. Being in a sorority gives you new opportunities to go out and meet new people at themed parties, formals, and semi-formals. Every girl loves to get all dolled up and have a great time with amazing friends.

Greek Community: Despite what you see on T.V. not all sororities hate each other. All of the sororities and fraternities on campus work together and support each other by going to each other’s events and donating money to their philanthropies. So, besides making friends in your own organization, you also have the chance to make friends in the other Greek organizations.

Networking Opportunities: Many Greek organizations offer networking opportunities to their members long after their college years. This can be very useful in the future to make professional connections and help you to get a job.

Unfortunately, fraternity and sorority members are portrayed as negative. The members of Greek life do amazing things each year, and your role in Greek life can help prove the stereotypes wrong. The friendships you build, volunteer work you do, and programs you are a part of can be a great and fulfilling college experience.