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Top 8 Summer “Day-Cations” in New York and New Jersey

  1.  Asbury Park New Jersey This is one of the best local beach towns in New Jersey. Located in central New Jersey, Asbury Park has all sorts of shopping, food, bars, the famous boardwalk, and of course the beach. Some of the most famous attractions are the wonder bar, the brick wall tavern (great for burgers and pub food with a twist), and plya bowls. With things like the Asbury splash and play park and the stone poney concert hall, there are endless opportunities of fun for this summer.
  2.  The Bronx Zoo- This is a zoo located at Southern Blvd in the Bronx New York, and the Bronx zoo is tons of fun for people of all ages. This zoo has all kinds of different exhibits like the butterfly garden, the aquatic birdhouse, the building the sea lion pool, Madagascar and many more. On Wednesday the zoo holds a free admission day! These days are usually extremely busy and crowded, but can be a fun and inexpensive daycation!
  3.  Six flags- Six Flags is a famous amusement park with wild attractions like Kingda Ka, Nitro, and even a waterpark. Located in Jackson New Jersey, they truly live up to their slogan “more flags more fun.” 
  4. Smorgasburg- This is a festival of all different food trucks in East Riverside state park Brooklyn, New York. This festival is every Saturday in the park with all different local food trucks that attend land often changing you are bound to find all sorts of foodie worthy insta pics. https://experience.smorgasburg.com/#impressions
  5. Liberty Science Center-The science center is a local science museum in Jersey City New Jersey with interactive science exhibits. The museum is both a learning and a fun experience.  Exhibits consist of “eat and be eaten,” the planetarium, the dream machine, pixel art and more. The science museum is a great rainy day activity for everyone.
  6. The New Museum-The New Museum is a New York City art museum in Manhattans lower east side. This art museum is always changing with new exhibits every few weeks designed by local artists. One of the upcoming presentations will be designed by local artist Jeffrey Gibson’s called “The Anthropophagic Effect.” This exhibit will be opening this summer, June 8th along with many more.
  7. Quick Chek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning- The festival of balloons is a sponsored hot air balloon event where hundreds of hot air balloons get lifted into the air to float above a field. In Whitehouse Station, NJ there is all sorts of food, drinks and fun revolving around this annual festival. This is an exciting once in a lifetime chance.http://www.balloonfestival.com/
  8. New York City popups- All over New York City there are art installations, branded and exclusive pop-ups. Some of the upcoming and current pop-ups are the color factory, reflective nature, dream works the trolls experience and more. When beating the heat this summer a city pop-up is a cool place to be. https://donyc.com/pop-ups-nyc
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