Top 5 Nail Polish Shades for Fall 2013

While we all love the summer, it’s time to say goodbye to the bright and neon colors. Now that fall is here, we can enjoy the darker shades of nail polish. Think midnight blues and emerald greens for this season! Check out these amazing colors for the fall season:

1) After School Boy Blazer by Essie: This color is the perfect dark blue for fall. It’s a midnight blue shade that is just the right amount of dark for the fall.


2) Charmed I’m Sure by China Glaze Nail Lacquer: The best shade of purple for this season. It’s a flirty and fun color that will look great on your nails!

3) Mysterious by Chanel Le Vernis: A little bit on the more expensive side, this color is very pretty and definitely worth the price. It’s a shade of mossy green that would look amazing with a gold accent nail! 


4) Ginger Fire by Tom Ford Beauty Nail Lacquer: Match the leaves and pumpkins this season with this gorgeous orange color!


5)     In for the Twill of it by Essie: You can’t go wrong with this amazing Essie color. It’s a metallic color that will match any outfit you have! The iridescence makes the color perfect for anything you wear, and since it’s a darker shade it’s also perfect for the fall.

So, this fall, when the sun starts to set earlier than usual, dim your nails with it. Enjoy rocking your dark, edgy nails this season!