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Students for Environmental Action

Are you looking to get involved? Do you cringe every time you see someone throw out a water bottle? Do you love the environment? QU SEA is just the place for you! SEA, Students for Environmental Action, are a fun bunch of students with a serious cause! I attended a meeting last week and found myself very interested in the issues that the clubbed spoke about and look forward to many of their upcoming events on campus this semester!

The club’s goals are to educate, engage, care, and encourage students about the environment. They are brainstorming many ideas for the upcoming semester including, increasing recycling in Hamden, holding an obstacle race to raise money, clean-up New Haven, and plant trees. The club likes to focus on a local issue in the fall and a global  issue in the spring semester. Last spring the club held an event called Do it in The Dark, which was a competition between all the residents halls on campus to see who could save the most electricity in three weeks. The event ended up saving 23,000 kilowatts of power, equivalent to providing electricity for thirty houses for a month! The club plans to hold the same event this year along with other things to improve the “greenness” of the Quinnipiac Community. 

Aside from events to raise awareness and money the club also holds events for their members such as, hiking the sleeping giant, participating in weekly farmers markets for the month of September, and helping to organize the yearly Earth Day Fair. The club aims to be a tight knit group of

members, and they are, as I witnessed the other night! The room was filled with students all laughing and having fun while caring for a cause important to every single one of them. Talk about multi-tasking, making new friends and saving the environment!

So if you’re looking for a way to get involved or meet new people, and you love to spend time in the outdoors, AND hate when people don’t recycle, join SEA! They are always accepting new members and even have a position on the     e-board open for this semester as the Promotions Manager. Not only will being part of such a powerful club help you get involved but it will have you “graduating with habits to help save the environment,” a goal of the clubs’ members.

Meetings are held at 9:15 pm on Wednesdays in Tator 232 and there is always food! Make sure to “like” the club on Facebook for all the upcoming events and meeting information! www.facebook.com/sea.qu
Get involved today!

Callie Barkley is the Campus Correspondent and a contributing writer for Quinnipiac University. At Quinnipiac, which is located in Callie's home state of Connecticut, she studies Public Relations with a minor in Computer Information Systems and will be graduating in 2014. Callie's writing interests are related to healthy eating, working out, and surviving the intern/job world. When Callie is not focused on her work she loves to spend time with her friends and family, travel, and will take up any offer to have a little fun!
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