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Still Day Dreaming About Summer? 3 Secrets to an Easy Transition!

It’s been two weeks into the school year and I’m still struggling to transition back into school mode. My daily attempts to waking up early and getting into the rhythm of things have only made me more prone to…sleeping in and hanging out with friends. Perhaps it could be because it’s my senior year, but who said senioritis started in September!? As much as I want to go out and just breeze through the year, I realize that ‘hard work pays off’ only works if you, well…work hard. So if you’re like me, a social butterfly and a big procrastinator, here are some steps to take to get back into the swing of things.

BUY A PLANNER- God, I love planners. The bookstore has a bunch, some that range from $7-$30 (take your pick) and nicely decorated. It really depends how useful you find them and since I love to keep everything organized, I like to pick the big ones that have a lot of space to write down assignments, meetings, etc. If you’re not a fan of the ones at the bookstore then luckily there is a Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and Target in the area. You are bound to find the perfect one!

DISCONNECT YOURSELF- I know, I know…this might be one of the hardest things to do. How can we resist when Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more are at our fingertips! But if you really want to focus and not tweet about how annoying your teacher is or how lost the little freshman look at Mt. Carmel, well you’re going to have to put that smartphone aside. This also includes your wifi connection. You can do your homework without it- just save the doc. and continue your work. It’s worth it if you want to head to that QUAD event or a night out with some friends. DO IT!

BE ALONE- As much as I love doing homework with friends, it really ends up just going on Facebook and seeing what everyone was up to the past weekend. There are a bunch of study rooms where everyone wanders to do homework. Place yourself there! In a room of silence with no distractions, you are more than likely to finish your work faster than you thought you ever could. Bring your headphones if you like to tune into music while you work, the time will go by much faster.

Try some of these tips! You’ll get into the school routine and have time to enjoy yourself. Nothing is better than showing up with a stellar report card during Winter Break right? Right.

  Johana Gutierrez is a Public Relations student at Quinnipiac University with a minor in International Business. She comes from a city life area in the Southern part of Connecticut.At Quinnipiac, she is the Alumni Relations Director for the International Business Society and member of PRSSA. This past summer, Johana interned at Live Nation Entertainment in NYC. In her free time, Johana enjoys going to concerts, listening to music and being in the company of her friends. She hopes to to continue her experience in the entertainment industry and ideally end up working at a record label.
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