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After taking home three Emmys at this year’s award ceremony, I decided I couldn’t delay watching Fleabag any longer. And oh my god, let me tell you, this show is a worthwhile binge. The Amazon Prime original series is hilarious and innovative, while still managing to be relevant. If that’s not enough to make you view it, here are seven more reasons to make Fleabag your next must-watch: 


  1. Phoebe Waller-Bridge

From creating Fleabag and Killing Eve to scripting the new James Bond movie, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a busy woman right now. Not only does she star in Fleabag, but she writes it as well. Based on a 10-minute play she wrote and then adapted into a full hour-long play, Fleabag is everything you could want in a show. The brilliant, fast-paced dialogue with its bad feminist vibe is genius enough to make you forget yourself and laugh out loud in the library. Her acting is also spectacular; she won this year’s Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy for it. 

  1. The Fourth Wall Breaks 

Fleabag is most notable for its many fourth wall breaks. The titular character spends much of her time narrating to the audience, something that shocks you at the beginning but soon makes you love the show even more. 

  1. Guinea Pigs

There are a lot of references to guinea pigs in Fleabag, so if you ever wanted to watch a show where the animal reigns supreme, now is your chance. Fleabag’s guinea pig-themed cafe is unmatched on the silver screen in terms of animal obsession. 

  1. Olivia Coleman

The brilliant Olivia Coleman plays Godmother, a deliciously vile character who we love to hate. Coleman has had a great year as well, winning Best Actress for her leading role in The Favourite and getting nominated for an Emmy for her role in Fleabag. Phoebe Waller-Bridge wrote the role especially for Coleman, something that won’t shock you once her gorgeous acting has you rooting against her in the best way. 

  1. The Feels

This show had me in tears from both laughter and despair. While technically billed as a comedy, the show deals with grief and mental health in a dark, lifelike way. Fleabag’s self-destructive tendencies and her past trauma makes you cry, even as her one-liners have you laughing through tears.  

  1. Andrew Scott 

*Slight spoilers for season two*

Twitter went wild for Andrew Scott in Fleabag. His character was originally just titled “Priest” but after sending all the viewers into a thirsty spiral, the social media site has officially renamed his character “Hot Priest”. The perfect mix of funny and heartthrob in season two, the now-famous “kneel” scene, has made him a household name. 

  1. Bingeiblity 

It is a super easy binge! There are only two seasons with six episodes apiece, with each episode is a half-hour. The total binge time comes to just over five hours, not bad at all!

Happy binging!

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