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Sam Epstein: Life Animated (IDD Major/ Elvis Duran Intern

What’s your major/ minor?

My major is Interactive Digital Design and my minor is Public Relations.

What is your favorite thing about being an IDD Major ?

I have two favorite things about being an IDD major. The first is having the opportunity to connect with some of the most interesting professors on campus. The second is getting to do what I love for grades. I get to sit on my computer and create art for most of my classes instead of memorizing a bunch of definitions or analyzing lab data.

How many internships have you had?

I have had two internships. The first one was during summer ’11 at a small graphic design firm in New Jersey. The second is one I am doing now at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.
What’s been your favorite internship and why?

My favorite internship hands down is Elvis Duran. I have  to wake up at 3 a.m. and drive to the city because there are no trains that early. As an intern, I get to listen to the most hilarious radio show while tweeting, pinning, making graphics, creating shortlinks and scouring the internet for new viral videos. On special days, meet celebrities and watch their live performances (so far I’ve met Karmin!). I don’t even mind waking up so early because I get to be surrounded by the most insane people you couldever hope to work with. It’s all about pranks and jokes and just having fun (while doing work, of course).

What organizations are you involved with on campus?

I am the Senior Managing Editor of The Quinnipiac Chronicle and a sister of Pi Beta Phi.

How do you think these organizations prepare you or correlate with your major?
The Chronicle definitely correlates with my major. I spend on average 12 hours between Monday and Tuesday (it’s a little less now that I have my internship) designing and laying out pages of the paper. Being an editor also prepares me for life in general because it’s taught me how to hit deadli

nes, work efficiently under pressure and to be a team player. Pi Phi is where I go to escape all of my stress and just have fun with my sisters.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a stay at home mom with my own freelance graphic design firm. Before that I’d like to work in the city at a magazine doing layout. Actually, if I could design Playbills for Broadway shows, that would probably be my favorite thing ever.

Do you have any advice for younger IDD majors?
Don’t be shy and get to know the people in your classes! You will become besties and they’re great friends to have because no one else on campus understands what we do. Also befriend the upperclassmen because they could have some pretty cool connections for future internships *cough* ELVIS DURAN *cough* and have already taken your courses. Join IDO (Interactive Design Organization) and use them as a resource for critique and homework help; that’s what they’re there for! Also, take the time to get to know your professors (and advisor) because in my opinion, they’re the best (and most entertaining) professors at Quinnipiac. Don’t stress and just have fun!

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