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QU How To: Bare the Cold

The winter is in full swing and the snow forecast shows no end in sight. The winter blues are starting to kick in on campus, causing laziness and a lack of motivation as the winter continues on. Here are a few tips on how to stay motivated during the cold.

  1. Dress Appropriately- It's below freezing. Dress accordingly! Sure less clothes means less bulk, but if you dress warmly, it will make you less uncomfortable and unhappy walking all the way to CAS on a Monday morning.  Use festive scarfs and cute boots to stay warm and fashionable during the winter.
  2. Go to the Gym- Exercising is a great way to relive stress and make you more productive. Since exercising releases endorphins, after your exercise you’ll feel motivated and up to doing homework and other important tasks.
  3. Stay Inside- Sure, the thought of going out and freezing waiting for the shuttles sends chills up your spine. So think of some fun things to do without having to wear minimal clothes. Having a girls night in your room where you watch your favorite movies and have a spa night or even going to dinner and a movie off campus, are fun things that you can do (at low costs too!) that will bring about some awesome memories and keep you warm.
  4. Attend Some School Events- The Yale Hockey Game is coming, and basketball season is in full swing. It’s a great opportunity to go and attend some school events with friends and show your support.  Shuttles run back and forth from North Lot to York Hill so transportation is not a problem for students who don’t have cars on campus.
  5. Think Warm Thoughts- As the winter season slowly ends, March is right around the corner and the warm weather will soon be here!  Keep this in mind as the cold weather is still here; spring brings on a break, flip flops and shorts!
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