Perfect Breakup Songs by Taylor Swift

We all know that T-Swift has the ultimate breakup songs: the sad ones, the angry ones, the happy ones, and the spiteful ones. Here’s a list of which song to listen to depending on what you’re feeling!

“I Knew You were Trouble” –When you get cheated on. This song is perfect to let your anger and frustration out. It’s about that one bad boy who you just couldn’t resist, no matter how many bad things you knew about him. Even though your friends warned you, you went for it and got your heart broken. “I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now.”

“Better than Revenge” – When you get dumped for another girl. When your boyfriend leaves you for someone else who was out to steal him the whole time, there’s no better feeling than revenge! This is another one of Taylor’s angry songs—it’s awesome to listen to when that girl you just hate steals your guy! “Soon she’s gonna find stealing other people’s toys on the playground won’t make you any friends.”

“We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – When your ex keeps coming back to you. You know that one ex of yours that you always seem to get back with, but you know it won’t last? This song is perfect to listen to when you’re just fed up and want nothing to do with him anymore! “This time, I’m telling you I’m telling you we are never ever ever getting back together.”

“You’re Not Sorry” – When he never changes even though he promises he will. You’re sick of his apologies because you know he won’t ever change, and all he is going to do is continue to hurt you. This song is slow and sad, but it shows that it takes strength to walk away when you’re not being treated right anymore in a relationship. “And you can tell me that you’re sorry, but I don’t believe you baby like I did before; you’re not sorry.”

“All Too Well” – When you thought you were in love, and you found out you were wrong. In this song, Taylor Swift is telling girls that it’s fine to be sad and cry when you go through a breakup. It’s okay to cry and eat ice cream while watching sad movies. You’ll get through it!

“Dear John” – When your ex is a real jerk. This song was Taylor’s message to John Mayer that she was so over his games. In this song she’s telling girls everywhere that a real man won’t play with your emotions.