Parking in North Lot Told By Gifs

Notice how it’s been harder than usual to park in North Lot this year? It’s been stirring up a lot of drama in the parking lot. Public Safety has even been on their game patrolling the lot. In general, it’s just been a frustrating process trying to get to class if you’re a commuter. Here’s a glimpse of what it’s like trying to get a spot in North Lot during the week:

When you spot a place to park from the very distance of the security booth

So you flash your Qcard and speed to it, only to find it taken by someone else already 

At this point, you’ll do ANYTHING not to park in Hogan

Because you’re so much better than that 

It’s truly starting to look like “The Hunger Games” up in here

But it’s not looking like any spots are opening 

So you just give up and retreat angrily to Hogan

But it’s kind of nice... 

Because you can reminisce down Bobcat Way

Happy parking, collegiettes!