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“Not Your Daddy’s Boxers!”


Ever looking for the most comfortable, stylish boxers around? I’ve found them for you! Paxton 1345 boxers are the way to go, available for men and women!


We all want to slip into something comfortable, whether we’re lounging around or getting ready to hop into bed (or finals week, of course!). But did you ever think you could find yourself slipping on a pair of luxurious, Egyptian cotton boxers?! I sure didn’t! But once you try them there’s no going back!

Paxton 1345 is a designer boxer short company founded by Erin Cormier. Erin Cormier has created Paxton 1345 to offer quality, comfort, and style. It’s like she knew just what we all wanted! Erin Cormier designed Paxton 1345 boxers to be fitted illuminating that bubble butt or saggy behind, no more bunching! The women’s boxers can be worn in two different ways due to a fold over waistband, so wear them folded over in a cute and flirty way or elongate them to get a little cozier. The boxers provide such a flattering look with the greatest colors and styles. Stitched in to each pair of boxers is a cute quote, what a fun idea! 

Each pair of boxers is named after a desirable destination, which attracts people who particularly love those destinations, such a great idea! Boxers are named Boston, East Hampton, Vineyard, Westport and so much more to choose from. There’s even a specific Collegiate Collection just for us! Be the girl walking around her dorm in the most stylish boxers everyone will want!

Your boyfriend (and you!) will be so excited that you won’t have to keep on stealing his boxers, and better yet buy him a few new pairs! (Finally a new gift idea for the BF!) The specific design for men is also fitted and shaped perfectly for a male’s physique. Of course us girls aren’t the only ones having trouble with the bubble butt. We know many men might prefer comfort over style, but hey, these boxers have both!

Paxton 1345 boxers are available in stores in MA, RI, CT, and NH and planning to be available in many more stores.  A great way to buy these boxers are online at http://www.paxton1345.com, you won’t regret it, that’s for sure!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, for all our Her Campus Quinnipiac readers, we have two pairs from Paxton 1345 just for you! You may have a chance to win a pair, stay tuned for our offer at https://www.facebook.com/hcquinnipiac


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