My First Time Out of the Country!!

My first time out of the country!


Over Winter break I went to Iceland with my boyfriend and his family. This trip was my first time leaving the country, so naturally, I was very anxious but also excited. I have always dreamed about traveling and the world that is beyond what I have seen already.


Iceland was an extremely beautiful trip! Going 5 hours up to the Nordic was different from the second we landed, as I had expected. When we landed in the AM and it was completely dark outside. The sun rose around 11 am and set about 3 pm. With that being said the sky was also always in a constant sunrise to sunset, which for someone who loves the sky, was incredible to see! Running with those short hours of daylight to explore the beautiful country we tried to do the most we could.


Going to Iceland pushed me out of my comfort zone. I went snorkeling in cold glacier water! I was so excited about everything that I didn't worry about my fears. I also went inside a cave that NASA was studying. In the cave, we had to crawl in tiny spaces, and use ropes to stand up. It was an ice cave in a lava tube, so the entire cave was covered in ice. It was dark, strangely not cold, and very interesting.



If you are looking for somewhere to go, I 100% recommend Iceland!! From geysers to volcanos, to hot springs, to ice caves, snorkeling, the northern lights, and glaciers, there's definitely a cool experience waiting for you in Iceland!!!