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Matt Popyack

Name: Matt Popyack

Age: 20

Major: Health Science

Hometown: Clinton, NY

Relationship status: Single

If single, ready to mingle? Absolutely.

Involvement on campus: Orientation Staff, Relay for Life, Sigma Phi Epsilon

Turn-ons: Big personality, outgoing spunky crazy women, tan skin

Turn-offs: Ditzy girls

Best memory at QU so far: So much fun at hall wars competing as freshmen

Advice for any single ladies reading this? I’m chill and down to earth.

What is something you wish you could understand about the opposite sex? How they think what is their thought process

Dream job: To own a scuba school and shop in the Caribbean or Mexico; possibly Australia

Celebrity crush: Milka Kunis

Favorite spot on campus? Upper caf

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