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How to Survive Life on The Hill

Quinnipiac claims that “life is better on the hill”, York Hill that is. For those of you actually living on the hill, that may not seem to be completely accurate. We have a list of the top 5 tips on how to improve your York Hill experience.

It’s All About the Food
 The cafe closes at 6:30 on the weekends and has a two hour break between 2 and 4. I know, it’s totally inconvenient for a typical college student’s schedule of sleeping till noon but that’s the way it is. To save yourself from starving I suggest stocking up on the packages of bagels and cereal that they sell. These are food that take minimal effort to prepare and are always good carbs to eat the night before Toad’s and the morning after.

Can You Hear Me Now?
 The walls at York Hill are paper thin. Every move you make can be heard by the people surrounding you so be smart about when you decide to be loud. People will retaliate if you mess with their sleep. Blasting music at 11:00pm on a Friday is ok, at 3:30am on a Monday is not.

Spaces, People!
 You can park on other levels of the parking garage besides the ground/second level. Instead of driving around the second floor for ten minutes searching for a space, journey on up to level three or four. They always have spaces open and those spaces tend to be closer to the stairs compared to what you’ll find on level two.

Everyday We’re Shuttling!
 The shuttle service is unreliable. Accept it. Then get to the shuttle stop at least an a half hour before you have to be on the Mount Carmel Campus. It’s always better to be early than to be late.

Pound The Alarm.
 As you already know, the fire alarm will go off at 3:00 in the morning. To prevent yourself from being that person who sets it off, watch what you’re cooking. The littlest bit of smoke will set off the alarms. If the fire alarm does go off in your room, just know that opening your door will have it set off every alarm in your area.

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