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How to Survive After Graduation (If You Want to Work in Television)

As college seniors, it’s safe to say we all feel the cold air of full-on adulthood coming our way in May. Students who want to be involved in the television industry have some idea of what they want to do with their careers, but may need assistance getting there. If you are interested in the television industry, then here are some helpful tips and insight you should take on your way up!

There is no certainty that you will get your dream job based on this article, but there is certainty that you will have a better assessment of where you want to be in a few years.

One of the first things that need to be established is what exactly do you want to do in the television industry? There are many different careers in the field, as well as departments you can work in.  

Coming out of college, you will most likely end up in an entry-level position, as most students do not have the experience and the trust of most employers. The job you will most likely obtain is a production assistant; whether the company is small or large, this is a nice place to start your career. 

A majority of successful executive producers started off as production assistants and worked their way up the career ladder. The right amount of enthusiasm and great work can get you to the next level of your career.

When it comes to obtaining a production assistant position, you will need experience. This experience should have been obtained through internship(s) that you had during your college years or even during the summer. If you’re looking for more experience in the television field, here are some helpful websites you can visit:

•    mediabistro.com

•    entertainmentcareers.net

•    greenlightjobs.com

•    workinentertainment.com

•    tempdiaries.com

•    staffmeup.com

These websites are useful if you are trying to find a permanent production assistant job, too. 

Now that you have an idea of where the next step for your career will be after college, you must find the perfect time to apply for these jobs.

When applying for jobs, you should not just apply to a few. You should be applying to 30 to 40 jobs, as the job market is competitive and everyone out of college will be doing the exact same thing you are doing. 

When applying for a job, you should make sure you have a polished résumé and cover letter.  Both documents should be a page long and have a well-organized structure that highlights your previous work and skill set. Always choose the best qualities you have and do not forget to highlight them in interviews. To impress the employer, you should bring along some of your professional work samples to showcase. 

Always remember that everything happens with a great deal of time. Just because you don’t receive a job right after you graduate doesn’t mean you stop looking. You must always try no matter how hard the challenge!

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My name is Tori Batiste and I am a current junior at Quinnipiac University studying Film and Women's Studies. I am a Texas native and cant wait for life to bring more happiness and joy. I enjoy anything that can spark my imagination and that challenges me. I have so much to share with the world that I just cant help but express myself.
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