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How to Deal With Missing Your Pets While at School

Probably one of the most difficult things about leaving home when you go to college is leaving behind your beloved furry friends. I can always remember coming home after a bad day at school and my two dogs-Cooper and Sadie-wagging their tails, jumping on me, and giving me kisses. It always made me feel better instantly.

Some people don’t really see their dogs as family members, but that’s how my family and I have always viewed Sadie and Cooper. When we had other dogs during my childhood, it was always a very sad event for our family when they passed on – similar to the feeling of losing a family member. Leaving my (human) family when I left for college was hard as it is; then seeing my dogs’ sad eyes as we drove away was even more saddening.

Most girls don’t really think about missing their pets before they leave for school along with homecooked meals and the feel of your own bed.

At home, your dogs or cats are always around and there for hugs, cuddling, or a good cry.

So, to make myself feel better when I’m especially missing my dogs, I’ll call my mom or dad and tell them to say hi to the dogs for me and ask them how my dogs are doing. It may sound silly and kind of weird, but having your mom or dad verify how your pets are doing can make you feel better automatically. Or, I always tell my family to send me pictures of Cooper and Sadie then I can print them out and put them on my bedroom wall at school.

If you’re really missing your furry friends, contact a local animal shelter near QU and see if they’re in need of volunteers. Shelters need people to walk dogs, clean living areas, and other jobs so you can easily spend time with dogs/cats this way.

How do you deal with missing your pets while you’re away at school? Tell us by tweeting @hercampusqu

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