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How to Avoid a Summer Fling


Everyone knows at least one friend who has been in a summer fling. You know, the one that always ends with them breaking up right before school begins. Picture this: an old fling texts you and says they’d love to catch up with you. What do you do—take the bait or run and have a stress free summer. If you don’t want your summer to end with heartbreak, then here are some tips for you:

1)    Keep Yourself Busy: An idle mind tends to make you things crazy things. You may even find yourself texting and talking to someone who you know is trouble. To keep the mind from wondering, pick up hobbies! If your summer job isn’t keeping you busy enough, look into possibly taking up a sport, painting or even babysitting for extra bucks. And don’t forget the tongs of DIY projects that are out there! With these things preoccupying your mind, they’ll be no room for a summer fling.

2)    Spend Time with Friends: There’s nothing better than being able to kick back and relax with friends. Plan a weekend where you all can hit up a local amusement park, or even spend a day in town getting pampered at a spa.

3)    Think of the How it will end: The word “fling” itself means to do something forcefully and casually. How then can you expect a summer fling to end on a good note? Real feelings may begin to develop, and it could end in heartbreak if the other person in the fling is not willing to settle down for a relationship.

4)    Don’t aim for a relationship only in the summer:  If you truly want a relationship, why only aim for the summer months? Don’t try to rush a relationship, instead take things slow. If you have someone who you are truly interested in, you can use the summer months as a time to get closer, but don’t simply dump them once school starts. Stay in contact and show them that you genuinely want a relationship in the future.

5)    Know when you are simply a “hookup”: You may not even be aware that you were in a summer fling until it ends. A guy who only wants to be with you at night, sends you superficial texts, and only wants to connect lips with you when you’re together is more than likely not boyfriend material. Main thing: if he doesn’t want to be seen with you when the sun’s out he’s probably hiding something. And it’s probably time to kick him to the curb.

Have a wonderful summer, Collegiates! 

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