Hot Take: Bachelor Addition

If anyone has been watching the Bachelor, they know that this season has entailed a lot of drama and interesting events. For those who aren't watching this season or who don't know what the Bachelor is, let me break it down for you. Before I begin, if you watchers have not seen the latest episode...DO NOT READ AHEAD. I will be dropping some major spoilers!

Alright, so lets begin. The Bachelor of S23 is previous college football star of the San Diego Chargers, Colton Underwood. The born and raised Indiana 27 year old heart throb has faced one of the most difficult seasons yet. For a quick background of the show, it starts off with 30 girls and ends in about 10 weeks with 1 girl and an engagment! The two hour long episodes entails Colton going on group dates or single dates with the girls, and then finishing it off with a rose ceremony where he sends home girls that didn't spark a flame in his heart. The reality TV show airs every Monday at 8:00pm and gets more dramatic towards the end of the season when he is forced to chose his one and only true love. 

This season has been very interesting because a lot of the girls have left Colton AND have also dropped hints that some girls remaining are not ready to get married. Personally, I like Colton and I feel for him. He's 27 and clearly ready to settle down, get married and find real, true love. Which is a stretch going on a show like this. But, Colton has been getting his heart broken left and right, especially on last weeks episode with Cassie leaving. Last week Colton showed his true colors for Cassie, a 23 year old from California, by professing his love for her and saying that she's the one. Cassie had mixed emotions about their relationship and seemed uneasy about getting engaged in the end, and straight up told Colton she was not in love with him and booked it home from Portugal. In my opinion, I don't think that the relationship is worth it for Colton. He really wants to find love, and get married and I think being with a girl who has doubts about that who left is not worth his time. The Bachelor has really strong feelings for her though and even told her that he would wait for her! This makes me feel for the other two girls that are left, Hannah G and Tayshia, who are in love with Colton and are ready for whatever comes next. By Colton saying that, it makes it seem like the two other girls are not as important to him and that Colton has already picked a winner in his head. Totally unfair.

The funny thing about last weeks episode is that Kirpa, a 26 year old also from California, who was sent home a few weeks back, warned Colton that some girls were not ready for marriage, hinting at Cassie and another girl Caelynn. Colton verbalized that this was his biggest fear and told the girls if they were not ready to basically tell him, and Cassie stayed silent. To be fair, getting married at the end of a 10 week reality show is A LOT especially when your boyfriend is seeing about 20 other girls. But, all the contestants knew what they were signing up for and knew what the show ended in. For Colton, it hurts knowing that a girl who you thought could be your future wife was not feeling the same and stayed hush about it until the second to last week.

The whole situation is heart breaking and betraying- but possibly not over. The episode "The Women Tell All" aired Tuesday last week, which includes all the girls who did not make it to the final 2 sitting around and talking about their arguments with the other girls, the drama, and of course, Colton. Surprisingly, Cassie was not on the episode, even though she sent her self home the night before on Monday's dramatic episode. Does this mean she comes back to the show? Does this mean she attempts to win back Colton? The world may never know. But, you can tune in tomorrow at 8 pm on ABC to see the Monday-Tuesday two part finale on who wins Colton's heart. Will it be Hannah G? Tayshia? or possibly Cassie? I guess we'll find out Tuesday :)