Heidi Klum’s Crazy Halloween Costumes

Try as they might, no one can outdo a Heidi Klum Halloween costume. The Victoria's Secret model and television personality hosts an annual Halloween bash where she shows off some of the craziest costumes Hollywood has ever seen. This year guests are invited to a scary dollhouse-themed bash at the Marquee in New York City, and everyone is looking forward to the reveal of another out of this world getup. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the star’s most recent Hollywood Halloween looks:

Princess in Gold

Last year, Klum’s party at NYC’s Finale nightclub was postponed until December 1 because of Hurricane Sandy, but that didn’t stop her from amazing us as an incredibly detailed version of Cleopatra. Her scaled golden gown, studded headset and feathered cape were inspired by the many movies featuring Cleopatra over the years. To complete her look, she told People her makeup artists spent three hours gluing hundreds of Swarovski crystals to her face!

Raised From the Dead

In 2011, Klum replaced glamour with gory as she showed up to the first of her two parties in a shocking dead body ensemble. "It's kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off... All my veins and blood will be all visible," she told People. To add some drama, she was rolled onto the red carpet in a hospital bed covered with a blood-spattered white sheet which was soon lifted for her big reveal.

Heidi’s Gone Bananas

Klum arrived to her second Halloween bash in 2011 wearing a hilarious hairy gorilla suit. She and her former husband Seal decided to be unrecognizable primal playmates to confuse their guests, and friends their chemistry together is the only sign that gave them away. It took six hours for them to slip into the faux fur and fangs masterpieces, forcing them to make a late entrance to the event at nearly 1 a.m. We think it was worth the wait!


Are you excited to see what’s next for Ms. Klum? So are we! Check out #heidishalloween as it gets closer to the big day for updates on the party and the highly anticipated costume of the year.