HC Spring Break Survival Kit

Spring break is a state of mind. Whether your week was filled with sun, sand and exotic drinks-- or maybe just lying in bed stalking other people’s Instagram bikini pictures in Mexico while you were eating ice cream in pajamas-- our HC Survival Kit is making sure you keep that vacay feeling with you all throughout the semester. 

We get it. Her Campus understands that you’re not quite ready to jump into a worry-free state of mind where your skin is baking in the sun and the ocean is calling your name. We know that there’s still weeks of papers and exams left in this semester, so HC is helping us stay on track with the motivating “Actually She Can” magazine and an Erin Condren planner set. This issue of “Actually She Can” is based around success. Given the current issues surrounding women lately, there’s no better time than now to start focusing on your abilities as an empowered woman with no limits. With articles varying from meditation to inspiring stories, you’ll finish this quick read and head straight to the library with a refreshed mind. Once you get there, you’ll have the Erin Condren stylish-yet-focused planner, marker and sticker set to keep on a roll. 

Even with the help of the empowering woman-power in “Actually She Can” and the cute organizing tools of Erin Condren, these remaining weeks might leave you feeling and looking a bit frazzled, to put it lightly. To keep you looking fresh, we have Freeman dry shampoo. Some dry shampoos leave your hair looking stiff and powdered, but the Freeman brand will help keep you looking silky and clean when you’re rushing to class and just don’t have time for the shower. Not to mention the tropical scent that will allow you to drift off into a happier, sunnier place than your 8 a.m. class. 

Now that we have classes and finals covered, let’s get into the good part! To help prepare you for your summer vacay with your friends or tanning session in the backyard, we have L’Oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning towelettes and tinted self-tanning lotion. These tanning towlettes take only a couple of hours to dry and absorb into your skin. They are a safe, effective method in getting a nice base tan going before you hit the beach! L’Oreal also has vitamin E in their tanning supplies to keep your skin soft. 

As we know the summer isn't a perfect dream everyday, every girl can relate to the concept of things not going perfectly all the time. When you aren’t feeling your best and want a fast fix, Cystex tablets will aid you in prevention, protection and relief for UTIs. These cranberry tablets will give you the fast fix you need so you can get back in your bikini as quickly as possible. 

Last but not least, HC blessed us with Charlotte Tilbury lipstick samples and a 20% off Juicy Couture coupon and tumbler that will help you stay in the lead this summer as a trendsetter and girl to follow. These hot lips colors make a bold statement that says you aren’t messing around, while your new Juicy products will start trends through your town. Kylie Jenner may have brought back Juicy on Instagram, but you can be the one to start it with your friends!