HC Fall Survival Kit Round-Up

Her Campus has impressed us yet again with what we believe is the best fall survival kit yet! It was a box full of womanly goodies (you can never get enough) and we saw a theme of treating yo'self. 

For starters, we were given sooo many Freeman Beauty face masks with scents including an avocado and oatmeal clay mask, a cucumber peel off mask, a charcoal & black sugar polishing mask and an apple cider vinegar 4-in-1 foaming clay mask. These are perfect little pick-me-ups for during the week when you just need to de-stress and have a mini spa day. Or they're great for a girls' night in with your besties! 


As if collegiettes didn't love coozies enough, we were given an abundance of them thanks to Flying Colors Apparel. Flying Colors "designs feminine, fashionable, flirty and fun clothing for fashion forward women of all ages who want to make a statement and support their college and love of collegiate spirit." Sounds exactly what us collegiettes are looking for, what more can you ask? (Sidenote: we're totally using these coozies for May Weekend! So cute!) 

To deal with adulthood and our roomie situations, HC provided us with these funny little titled, "Adulthood is a Myth" and "The Roommate Book." They offer real-life situations about dealing with roommates and other scenarios that we'll eventually face being an adult. When we need a good laugh, we can turn to these books.

And of course HC would't give us a survival kit without a little makeup lovin'. We have awesome Rimmel London's 24-hour Supercurler mascara (my lashes look amazing), Colour Precise Eyeliner and The Only 1 lipsticks. Who ever said drugstore makeup wasn't good? We're obsessed with these products! Plus, we have samples on samples of Juicy Couture's newest scent, "I ♥ JUICY COUTURE." It's the perfect staple to complete our look with these products. 


But arguably the coolest part of our survival kit is our Wearsafe Tags. Wearsafe helps us "in those moments when you feel uneasy or unsafe"-- "it's hard to know how a situation will change– or how to get the help you need if it does," butt Wearsafe is just the product you need for that. The Wearsafe Tag "is the only personal safety button that instantly connects you to the people who know and love you the most, giving them both your location and valuable context about what’s happening through a continuous audio stream." Pretty cool, right? It's comforting to know that in any situation you may be in, help is just a few minutes away. Better safe than sorry! 

We can't thank HC enough for our amazing goodies! These are just a few in the big box of surprises. Keep an eye out for an HCQU giveaway-- you may just have the chance to win some of these awesome products! Good luck, collegiettes!