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Halloween Costume: Do’s and Dont’s

Fall has just begun and everyone is super excited for the new season. I mean what’s there not to love about it? The colorful leaves, the cool weather, the delicious drinks and most importantly, HALLOWEEN. The one day to “dress like a total slut and get away with it”, am I right ladies?

Living in today’s generation, there are an infinite amount of costume ideas to choose from. You can go basic and be a cat, or spice it up and be a “seductive cat”, or maybe even “scary cat who ate it’s owner”. The sky’s the limit!

That being said, now that we are in 2017, some costumes just gotta go. They plain old, offensive, cultural appropriation costumes that somehow still make it out on the rack. Here is a thread of what to NOT wear this halloween so you don’t seem ignorant :)

  1. Geisha Costume

This whole costume is just a no. It mocks the Japanese (and Asian) culture and isn’t something people should be wearing for fun. Cultures are not costumes!


   2.  “Day of the Dead” Mexican Costume

“Day of the Dead” is actually a holiday in Mexico where people honor and remember the deceased, along with their ancestors and loved ones. The day is supposed to be respectful, and not meant to be appropriated and displayed as “sexy and cute” by a costume.


    3.  Native American Costume

The Native American costume is overdue to be retired. Again, mocking a culture isn’t cute. The costume is stereotypical and definitely offensive to the Indians who have had to battle through so much.


    4.  “Anorexia” Costume


This costume is definitely an all time no. Mental illnesses are a serious issue, especially in today’s society, and shouldn’t be defined as something “sexy”.  Anorexia is a mental illness that should not be glorified or made fun of.

    5.  The “Homeless Person” Costume

The “Homeless Person” costume is totally not ok. People who are homeless struggle tremendously to eat, sleep, and drink. Being a homeless person for Halloween is rude and cruel, and the trend should stop now.


  6. “Sexy Harambe” Costume

First of all, why is this even a thing? Harambe was a gorilla who was wrongly shot and killed by a Cincinnati Zoo employee, after an unintended 3 year old child fell into the exhibit and got dragged. People all over America protested his death and how he should not have been killed. Costumes mocking his death and turning it into a seductive dress should not be worn. Ever.

So this Halloween, pick costumes that aren’t offensive! There are always cute costumes that you can rock without coming off as a total idiot. Channel your inner creativity and let the fun begin!

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