"Follow" and "Like" Yourself First

Another article on social media, I know. A repetitive topic, yes, but I’m not writing to tell you how terrible it is and how you should drop it completely. I’m writing to tell you to twist and flip your perspective on social media and what it exactly adds to your day. It is a platform that has extended into our lives far beyond what was originally thought possible. Our generation has formed a new language that communicates solely through likes, retweets, shares and comments. Instead of shaming yourself for engaging in this world, take a step back. Take a step back from the absorption; examine yourself and how you feel and what effect social media has on your well being. When you return, do so with a new perspective and approach.

I knew I needed a break from social media when I heard someone make a comment about the only point of going somewhere is to post a picture of it. As long as you got the perfect Instagram, the night may as well end right then. As much as it was meant in a joking manner at the time, it irked me. It got to me because of the stigma surrounding it, the stigma that some people do more than others simply because they post it on social media. I hated the constant stress of having to “prove” to people that I was living life. I hated feeling the need to stalk other people’s feeds and compare theirs to mine, judging who seemed happier and more full of life simply from what we posted. I needed to refresh my mind and re-train my soul to live in the moment and not behind a screen.

I deactivated my Instagram for a few weeks and was surprised by the lack of any hole I felt in my daily life. I went to dinner with my friends and left my phone face down on the table the whole time. I felt more connected with those directly in front of me and less worried about those only in my life through as a "follower." The weight to compete with and stalk others was lifted off my shoulders; it was great, and I came back with a new outlook.

When I decided to reactivate my account, I knew I wanted my feed to reflect what I value and enjoy in life. Rather than countless people I don’t actually know, I followed a bunch of accounts on traveling, animals, yoga, fitness, healthy eating, uplifting quotes and more. Anything that takes up your time should be contributing something to your life, and if you’re going to spend your free time scrolling, make it count. I have added here a list of both Twitter and Instagram handles that brighten my day. Enjoy! You don’t have to go to the extent of deactivating and deleting your accounts to get a new outlook like I did, just remember that what counts is what your mind, body and soul are engaging in right now, whether anyone else can see or “like” it or not. Do you.


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