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Make it a spa day! Between studying and adulting, it’s hard to find time to yourself, but when you do, treat yourself like the princess you really are! Here are some beauty trends that will make you feel good and look good, inside and out!


Coconut oil- Multipurpose oil that you can be uses for cooking, nails, skin and hair.  It makes for a natural sunscreen and can be massaged in head to toe for those cold, windy, winter days. Best of all, a little of it makes for a great primer!


       Bentonite mask clay- Bentonite is a magical clay mask that pulsates on your face, giving you a much-needed facial and massage. It pulls away toxins that cause blackhead and reduces inflammation overnight!




Water- One secret benefit of drinking lots of water is the increase in energy in the morning! Water helps eliminate toxins in the blood that can rob you of your energy. Add lemon or fruits to the biggest jug you can carry (you’ll peeing a lot) to detox and your body will thank you! Happy peeing…



      Sleep- Being fully rested helps with attentiveness, as well as reduces that facial “puffiness” during the day. Sleep is also key for skin cell regeneration to help you with scars and keep you looking young. 8 hours is recommended but be sure to hit the sack before midnight. Here is some math; Bed before 12am + 8 hours = 8 hours x 2        



   Oils – Oils are very affective makeup removers especially jojoba oil, which resembles the natural sebum produced by our skin, so it will not clog those pores! Oils will also have your hair flourishing! Add essential oils to the mix! Lavender to relax and mint to rejuvenate.



Dancing – No instructions. Just as you wish. Bust a move.




Fruits– Find energy boosts in oranges, eating one every morning and whenever you feel worn-out. Try smoothie bowls where you can add any sweet toppings you please!



And finally…..

Don’t stress– Reduce stress. Reduce fat. Let it go.



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Soraya Melle


My name is Soraya Melle and I am a Senior Biology major/French minor with a pre-medical concentration at Quinnipiac University '17. My favorite thing to do is paint and draw. I am learning to play the piano and guitar (emphasis on learning)! I have kitten named Keanu and I am not too sure if she loves me or not.
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