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The long awaited arrival has finally come! Recording Artist Ed Sheeran has recently dropped his album ÷ (Divide) and there are few tracks on the album that are see to be fan favorites!

After a year away from the spotlight and three years since his last studio album, Sheeran released his third album at midnight on March third across many streaming music services. Sheeran teased his new album with the release of singles, “Shape of You,” which went no.1, “Castle on the Hill,” and “How Would You Feel (Paean).”

 The album shows a new side of Sheeran, but still holds true to his romantic ballads that have dominated his previous albums. One of these ballads is the song “Dive”, which is sure to make his female audience fall in love with his voice even more! In the song Sheeran sings lyrics, “Don’t tell me you need me if you don’t believe it,” with a distinct edge and growl found in his voice. The opening track, “Eraser” is a revaluation at most through Sheeran’s eyes. He sings about money, the industry, and how he ultimately has to make peace with his pain. “Eraser” like many other songs on his album is rapped, which is something that has been seen from Sheeran before, but taken to a new level on ÷ (Divide).

Sheeran continues to be a storyteller on ÷ (Divide).  The song “Perfect,” Allows the audience to listen his voice and became engaged in love story all at the same time with lyrics like, “When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath but you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight.” Swoon! This song is sure to make us all become romantics at heart!

÷ (Divide) is sure to have rave reviews from fans and these fun loving tracks and lyrics will be great addition to your music playlist collegiates!

Planning on listening to ÷ (Divide) or have favorite song off the album? Let us know your thoughts on the album by tagging us on any of our social media outlets @Hercampusquinnipiac

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