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A Cup of Tia: The PR Girl’s Dream: The best phone apps for a PR major

The PR Girl’s Dream: The best apps for a PR major
   Of course there’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest but what other apps can help a PR major out? As a PR major you always need to stay connected to just about…anything and everything that’s going on around us. I’m always looking for the latest news and trends in the PR and Marketing world for my job so I thought devising some apps that helps you keep in touch with your PR self would be useful. Check them out they’re pretty cool:
Pulse News- This one takes all your favorite websites and puts them into a mosaic. How fun!
Foursquare- It’s a great way to cite places to explore. It’s also great for clients to engage their customers!
Instagram- Although I’m the unfortunate user of a droid (they apparently only like Iphone) This is a fun way to photoshare!
JotNot Pro- Need a scanner in a hurry? This changes your camera into a snazzy scanner. How convenient.
Springpad- It’s a great way to quickly organize your ideas and categorize all of your stuff! This app is great for people always needing a planner in their life.
WorldCard- Need a place for all your clients and potentials business cards to go? WorldCard allows you to instantly transfer the information to your contact list! Like magic.

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Tia Meyers


Tia is a senior public relations and marketing major at Quinnipiac University. She enjoys singing, kayaking, cooking, travelling, and dance. She is an only child and it has made her a very outgoing young woman. Tia’s motto is “you can’t be old and wise if you’re never young and crazy” and believes that you should be a person to look up to, always be true to yourself and to try anything and everything you can. Tia loves to watch tv and read, her favorite show is New Girl and her favorite book is “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. Tia is addicted to Dunkin Donuts coffee, rings, peanut butter and the beach.
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