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A Cup of Tia: Giant View Cafe

Walking into the quaint Giant View Café, you’re welcomed with warm faces. Enjoyably, every week I do this. Giant View has become one of my favorite off-campus places to visit over the past year and my friends feel the same way after I bring them along. With reasonable prices and a wide variety of delicious meals, I try to make a weekly stop. Not to mention, I’m a caffeine addict and they make wonderful cappuccinos and lattes. I have always been in love with little cafes off the beaten Starbucks path where I can go and study, and this place is perfect for that. They have seating inside and out to plop yourself down upon and enjoy an amazing breakfast or lunch.


Giant View is open 7 days a week to enjoy all of your favorites until 2 in the afternoon, it’s a perfect place to go on a weekday by yourself or on the weekend with friends. I always enjoy a tasty feta, spinach and tomato omelet with their flavorsome home fries but they have many other options ranging from paninis and burgers to soups and more. Specials are posted every day so customers never get tired. (I never would anyways.) So head down the street to 3584 Whitney Avenue to one of my favorite places for a bite to eat, and let your taste buds be filled with joy. While you’re there, bring home one of their humungous cookies or muffins to share with your friends!

Enjoy <3 T

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Tia Meyers


Tia is a senior public relations and marketing major at Quinnipiac University. She enjoys singing, kayaking, cooking, travelling, and dance. She is an only child and it has made her a very outgoing young woman. Tia’s motto is “you can’t be old and wise if you’re never young and crazy” and believes that you should be a person to look up to, always be true to yourself and to try anything and everything you can. Tia loves to watch tv and read, her favorite show is New Girl and her favorite book is “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. Tia is addicted to Dunkin Donuts coffee, rings, peanut butter and the beach.
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