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College Girls’ Guide: Top 3 Best Planners

The most important school supply I have is my planner. When I forget my planner in my dorm, it is like my whole life is in shambles…literally my whole life is written in there! From my meetings and appointments all the way to how many glasses of water I have had that day (I know, I’m psychotic), I just can’t get through the day without it. It’s kind of sad, but whatever – it keeps me sane.

That said, having a stylish planner is a must. After all, it goes almost everywhere with me. Here are a few planners that I love and beat the plain ones they sell in the bookstore:

1. The Lilly Pulitizer planner – my personal favorite planner and the one I’ve had the past four years, this planner is fun, convenient, and has everything you need. From dates to remember page to stickers in the front to adorn your special days with, I particularly like the fact that there is a whole month calendar as long as a day by day calendar. Available in three sizes, I have always preferred the me
dium size but am considering upgrading to the large one this Christmas. Whatever size you choose, they’re all fun and a great organizing tool.

2. Erin Condren life planners – these are the mother of all planners, for sure. A little expensive, but they are an organizers dream. The best thing about them is that they are completely customizable. You can put your name and even a picture of your choice on the front, ample lined pages for notes, a goals and list page for every month, inspirational quotes throughout and much, much more. These amazing planners can be found on erincondren.com or tinyprints.com.

3. Gallery Leather planner – this is a simple, professional planner with a girlie edge that I love. Totally refillable, it can be conveniently transitioned from year to year. Equipped with monthly tabs, a notes section, reference section, and an address section, it makes organization a piece of cake. This fabulous planner can be found on galleryleather.com.

My planner is key to my organization, sanity, and success in school as well as extra curricular activities. I would never be able to keep it all straight if it weren’t for my adorable Lilly planner, true to my preppy personality in pink and green.

How do you stay organized during the school year?