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College Girls’ Guide: Must-Haves for a York Hill Commute

With so many of us commuting on a day-to-day basis from York Hill (or an apartment or house) to Mount Carmel (or North Haven), it is not unfamiliar to be stuck at a different campus from where you live virtually all day. Last year, I learned my lesson about forgetting necessary items and having to struggle without them all day down at Mt. Carms. There are just certain, silly things that maybe you’d never think of, but they are needed when your room is out of reach.

Here is a two-campus girl’s guide to what to remember to stick in your bag for a day away:

1. Bandaids – I can remember my heels bleeding in the middle of Spanish class from a painful new pair of flats that had rubbed my skin raw and having no band aids. For those moments of desperate need – don’t forget to stick a few in your cosmetics case.

2. A sweatshirt or cardigan – while the temperature of my Westview dorm is currently unbearably hot and the temperature of the classrooms at Mt. Carmel is arctic, I found myself just last week shivering through my dreadful three hour class because I regretfully forgot a sweater. Definit
ely not a mistake I’ll be making again.

3. An umbrella – as we’ve all learned, the weather here can change in an instant. Just today, I woke up to sunshine flooding through my window but looked out the window at lunch to girls in wellies and raincoats. To avoid getting stuck in a downpour and totally ruining your hair for the day, stick an umbrella in your bag.

4. Headphones – being in the library doing work during a break between classes without my headphones is pretty terrible. So many times I’ve wished that I hadn’t forgotten them so I could listen to Pandora or watch a quick episode of Desperate Housewives on Netflix when I got sick of studying. Even having them for the shuttle to listen to music is a plus after a long day.

5. Tissues – one of my biggest pet peeves in life is hearing someone incessantly sniffling snot up their nose. Hearing it in a silent classroom during a test or quiz just makes me want to scream, “GET A TISSUE!!” Having a pack of tissues can help to avoid the annoyance of having a runny nose (from a cold, allergies, or the aforementioned arctic classroom temperatures) that you can’t take care of.

Packing your bag the night before class with this emergency kit of sorts makes life easier and the York Hill commute a lot more livable, trust me!

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