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Christopher Jordan ’16

Name: Christopher Jordan

Age: 20

Major: International Business

Hometown: Lakeville, Massachusetts

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Celebrity Crush: Jhene Aiko

Ideal date: Anything that involves arts and crafts.

Why?: I guess it’s a cool way to show each other’s creative side. And it’s always nice to make something together.

Hobbies: Playing basketball

Three words that best describe you: Artistic, friendly, passionate

Fun fact: I started my own business in high school.

Favorite quote: “Live every day like it’s your last.”

Favorite genre of music: Rap is my favorite, but I’ll listen to anything but country.

Favorite food: Hamburgers

Can you cook?: Yeah, but only breakfast food.

So you wouldn’t be able to make a hamburger?: Oh yeah—breakfast food and hamburgers.


Print Journalism major with a passion for fitness, health, life, and the simple things. If you want to read more of work, check out my blog: http://naturallymel.wordpress.com/
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