The Best Gifts for Your BFF


Sometimes buying your best friend a Christmas gift is a hard task. Show your BFF just how special she is this holiday season by getting her one of these awesome gifts!

1.Colorful Flats: Every girl should be able to rock a pair of flats that matches her outfit. Old Navy has every color of the rainbow for just $20.

2.iPhone Case: Even your accessories deserve accessories! Bright and fun iPhone cases such as Kate Spade or Marc Jacobs can be found at Nordstrom. This is a great idea for a stocking stuffer as well.

3.Comfy Pajamas: Sometimes girls just want to be comfortable. Check out Victoria’s Secret for holiday pajama sets!

4.Perfume: Lady Gaga’s Fame Eau De Parfum is a surprisingly sweet and feminine combination. Taylor Swift’s Enchanted Wonderstuck is more of a creamy mix of coconut and butter.

5.Chunky Necklace: Statement necklaces are very trendy this holiday season. Adding one to your outfit can instantly dress it up. Try Forever 21 for some really great deals.



6.Makeup Palette – Almost every girl enjoys new makeup! Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette is a great choice for your best friend if she loves neutral colors. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, ELF has a bunch of different eye shadow and lip-gloss palettes starting at just $5.

7.Personalized Gifts: has a plethora of ideas to choose from. Maybe on girls’ nights, you and your best friend like to stay in and enjoy a glass of wine. You can personalize a wine glass for her to make those nights even more special. Or maybe your best friend would rather have an engraved piece of jewelry. This website has adorable stocking stuffers for under $20!

8.Winter Accessories: What girl doesn’t need a scarf or gloves to keep warm during the winter? Your best friend would love a cute pair of Coach leather gloves or an adorable cashmere scarf!

9.Clutch: Metallic and leather clutches are very popular this winter. They are perfect for a girls’ night out or a dinner date with a boyfriend! Try Michael Kors or Aldo for some trendy clutches.

10.Fur: Anything fur is sure to put a smile on a girl’s face. Fur vests, fur coats, and fur scarves are the perfect winter accessory.