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Aliya Clark ‘15

Name: Aliya Clark

Age: 21

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Paterson, New Jersey

Instagram handle: @Simp.liya.mazing

Tell us about yourself: I’m 21 years old and the president of the Black Student Union at Quinnipiac University.  Despite my leadership position, I am actually really shy.  I love to shop, and football is my favorite sport.  I love to swim, and I watch murder/mystery shows every night before bed. 

Turn ons: Confidence, height, bright smile, muscles

Turn offs: Liars, lack of ambition, pretenders.  (I’ll take you as you are.) 

Are you single?: No.

What qualities do you want in your partner?: Strong, family oriented, free spirit, someone who enjoys adventures but is also cool with an occasional night of cuddling and watching hours of Netflix.

Dream date: Dinner and games at Dave & Buster’s in the city, followed by taking in the sights and enjoying the view of the NYC skyline from the Hudson River waterfront—in the summer when its warm, of course.

Celebrity crush: Odell Beckham Jr.  He’s beautiful.  He plays football for my favorite team (GO GIANTS!)  He’s in his rookie season and is already making a name for himself.  I love an athletic man with ambition.

Best attribute(s): Physical: My smile.  Personality: My loyalty.

Fun fact: I’m double jointed only on the right half of my body.

My name is Tori Batiste and I am a current junior at Quinnipiac University studying Film and Women's Studies. I am a Texas native and cant wait for life to bring more happiness and joy. I enjoy anything that can spark my imagination and that challenges me. I have so much to share with the world that I just cant help but express myself.
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