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Adele is Back

Adele is back and it’s a good thing!



The grammy award winning songstress, Adele, is back on the music scene. She has recently released her first single “Hello” from her third studio album “25”. The single is already a top hit in 16 countries and gaining more success. There are so many reasons why we should be excited for Adele’s return.



The first thing to be excited about is Adele releasing a studio album, which she hasn’t done since 2011. Adele’s last song to hit the airwaves was “Skyfall” which went multi-platinum in several countries. The success story doesn’t stop there since the release of the album “21” she has become a music icon with hit singles like, “Rolling in the Deep”, “Someone like You”, and “Set Fire to the Rain” which all went number one on the Billboard Hot 100.



When the video for “Hello” was released it quickly made history by breaking the record for most views on Youtube in 24 hours with a total of 27.7 million views, beating out Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video. Adele’s new single has become the first single in U.S. history to sell a million within a week. There are predictions that the new album “25” will go double platinum when it is released in November. These predictions will yet again beat Taylor Swift as she is the latest artist to go platinum.



Adele has effected the lives of couples in Alabama. As a student from Auburn University, Mary Caldarella, sent the lyrics from “Hello” to her boyfriend that ended in hilarious results.



If you can’t enough of Adele and her singing talents there will be opportunity to see her perform via television. The artist will be taping a concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, which will air on NBC on December. However, if you can’t wait that long she will be performing November 21 at Saturday Night Live, November 23rd on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and on the Today Show on November 25th.



As expectations are high for this album most believe this will be her biggest album ever.

“25” has been described as a different album from the rest as this particular one will not be a break-up record. This time its is a make-up record the artist tweeted, “I’m making up with myself. Making up for lost time. Making up for everything I ever did and never did…25 is about getting to know who i’ve become without realising.”

 The collaborations on this album are something to talk about as well. As big names in the music industry contribute such as Max Martin who has produced 21 number one singles for stars such as Taylor Swift and The Weeknd. Another confirmed contributor Danger Mouse who is the other half of Gnarls Barkely, has collaborated with various artist such as Beck, A$AP Rocky, The Black Keys, Norah Jones, and Gorillaz, he has also won a Grammy for Producer of the Year.



Adele is a music icon of our time. She is an artist that has earned her respect in the industry through her vocal talents alone. We expect big things from her in the close of this year. 

My name is Tori Batiste and I am a current junior at Quinnipiac University studying Film and Women's Studies. I am a Texas native and cant wait for life to bring more happiness and joy. I enjoy anything that can spark my imagination and that challenges me. I have so much to share with the world that I just cant help but express myself.
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