6 Nighttime Products I Swear By

Let me be honest, it is never easy to keep up with your before-bedtime rituals. A comfortable bed sounds much more appealing than getting up from your warm blanket to wash your face and brush your teeth (especially in this chilly weather). But it just has to be done, collegiettes!

I have decided to compile some products I use before bedtime; they give me the motivation to get out of bed every night knowing my skin is getting exactly what it needs. Plus, they won't break that college budget! Here are some of my favorite products and ones you should consider using, too:

1.  Absolute Make-Up Cleansing Tissues with aloe extract and vitamin E


I found these gems while I was waiting in line at Marshall’s. I’ve never found them anywhere else, which is frustrating because they are literally the best make-up removal wipes I have ever used. They don’t leave that dreaded oily residue and can be used all over your face. The wipes even leave a cold lasting feeling, ensuring you feel extra clean. Plus, the big package is 60 count and they come in a variety of different scents of your choosing—pomegranate, green tea, aloe, orange and cucumber! 

To avoid online shopping and shipping, check out the beauty aisle or the shelves near the cashiers at your local Marshall's. 

Glossybox.com: $6.99

Amazon.com:  $7.99

2.  Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser


I have used so many facial products in the past, but this one gives me the deepest clean I have ever felt. It is oil free, foamy, cheap and the charcoal in it draws out all of the dirt. (Is it just me or is my face the greasiest while I’m away at college?)

Bioré promises this product “deep cleans two times better and naturally purifies,” and I believe they have lived up to their word.

Walgreens: $6.29

3.  Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub


This is one of my favorite face washes. It is an exfoliating scrub, so the beads in the wash make for a deep clean. I have been using this product for years and I have definitely seen a positive change in my skin. After you use it, it is as if cool wave just hit your face. Definitely a must-use!

Walmart: $5.27

4.  Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent


I use this only three to five times a week to ensure my skin does not dry out. This astringent fast-working and is especially good for targeting those pesky, most obvious blemishes. If you are having a hard time covering up a pimple, using this product consistently dries out the blemish almost immediately. With my experience, I have found that it also prevents other breakouts from occurring, which not a lot of skincare products can promise. It also eliminates oil. (See a trend here?)

Walmart: $4.97

5.  Cetaphil Face Moisturizer


I only use this product a few times a week when my skin is looking really dry. When applying, I only use about the size of a dime. Because I only use this product when needed, I do not need to buy more for months at a time. It gets rid of the dry spots quickly, too!

Target: $10.16

6.  Colgate Max Fresh with mini breath strips

I swear by this toothpaste.  It has that super minty, fresh feeling and keeps your teeth white.  Their slogan, “freshness that lasts for hours,” tells no lies. It is that perfect paste for your morning classes, especially when you are doing group work; popping in a piece of gum before teaming up is no longer necessary.

Target: $2.47

Post-nightly ritual, I usually will twist my hair up in a bun and put on lip balm. My favorite kind is EOS in Sweet Mint! If I’m feeling extra bold, I’ll put a face mask on or cucumbers on my eyes for five minutes.

The aforementioned products have not failed me and I am confident they will not fail you, collegiettes. Stay beautiful!