5 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs a Chuck Bass

“Three words.  Eight letters.  Say it and I’m yours.”  Girls all across America have been fangirling over Gossip Girl’s epic love story of the regal Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf.  Chuck is a timeless character, holding the title of Manhattan’s modern day Jay Gatsby.  He knows how to make money, throw an extravagant party and make any girl fall into his lap with his charming words.  Though he may appear as the typical devilish and sleazy prep school prodigy, Bass exploits his magical[CD1]  qualities to win heartthrob of the year…every year since GG has been around.  I’m convinced you could find many girls who would be interested in dating a boy so similar to Bass, the mischievous dream.  So what is it that makes him so irresistible and desirable?  Let’s count the ways…

1.  His superior fashion sense

It’s not just his decadent velvet robes and sequined classic vests that attract your attention, but he may be the only young male to rock rainbow rainboots with a plaid scarf.  No matter the outfit, there’s no denying that Chuck has an incredible fashion sense.  And he definitely wouldn’t have trouble shopping for that flawless birthday present you truly want.  Remember, ladies, only a very secure man is comfortable in pastel attire.  Every time you see a man wearing purple, you should think “royalty.”

2.  His endless, romantic love

Chuck and Blair might have one of the greatest #relationshipgoals around, which leaves us collegiettes swooning for a love that’s equally as passionate.  Although it is also the most rocky and confusing relationship around, Mr. Bass certainly knows how to treat a girl like a princess and love with his entire heart.  Is that not what all girls dream of, to find the one guy who makes her feel special and perfect?  Whether it be a brand new diamond necklace, a trip to Rome, or even just a night spent in with Netflix, a guy like Chuck will treat you like the princess you are and do anything just to make you happy.

3.  His inspirational advice

The one thing you can count on with Chuck Bass is his endless devotion to his friends and family.  Despite his resting smirk that hides his emotions, Chuck remains loyal to those he cares about and is always willing to help them out in their rough spots.  Whether it’s bailing his buddy out of jail or some sound relationship advice, his friends’ sanity is his number one motive.  It will never hurt to find a guy who is always down to listen about the rough day you had and is ready to dish back a list of ways to solve the problem.  Even if his advice comes across as rude or uninterested, you know he is trying and his intentions are pure at heart.

4.  His motivational work ethic


Greatness and wealth run in the Bass family bloodline, and it is no secret they wear it really well.  However, as much as the privileged rich boy Chuck appears to be on the surface, it’s the farthest from the truth.  After getting his act together, Chuck built up his entrepreneurial legacy by himself, acquiring new bars, nightclubs and hotels that his own imagination designed.  He fought for his company, led the business professionally and had great motivation to be a successful businessman.  More than money, girls are attracted to a guy with a good head on his shoulders and a desire to work hard in all aspects of life.  If a man has that drive to be successful, he sounds like someone who is serious about his future and life goals.   

5.  His confidence

Everything that comes out of Bass’s mouth is often offensive yet intriguing.  He has no problem telling it like it is and being 100 percent truthful.  Do words even describe how flawlessly swift his entrance into every room is?  With good manners and his head held high, this guy could approach a friendship, date or business deal with effortless poise.  Sometimes you need an assertive, but not pushy, Bass in your life, who will lead you across the dance floor and buy you a few drinks.  This way there is no second-guessing his feelings or interest in you, and he will always be straightforward about your relationship.

If any guy you meet has the qualities listed above (and rocks a slicked back hairdo), you know you’ve found the one.  And if you take a step back and see yourself surrounded by Dan Humphreys, know that you are one scheme and a walk to Fifth Ave away from finding true love.  XOXO, collegiettes!