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5 Reasons to Love Recouping at Quinni After Spring Break

So, Collegiettes… did you have a long Spring Break? Or maybe it was too short….

Whether you spent it at home on the couch binge-watching Netflix or partied it up on a tropical island, recuperation is definitely needed. Here are five reasons recovering at Quinnipiac is better than anywhere else!

1. You’ll finally be reunited with your favorite people at school and you know what that means—hearing hilarious Spring Break stories, watching movies, eating Nutella straight out of the jar and let’s face it, more Netflix.

2. But, the most important thing about being reunited with your closest friends at school means they’ll definitely support your number one recuperation strategy: NAPS! No more mom or dad complaining about the excessive amount of naps you take or sleeping in too late.

3. Quinni after Spring Break is arguably the most fun time of the year: Greek Week, Sorority/Fraternity formals, Big Event, Relay for Life to name a few events that occur. (And we definitely can’t forget May Weekend, Collegiettes!)

4. Of course post Spring Break means classes start again, but you get a semi-fresh start! If a class was a struggle for you, this is the perfect time to recoup (your knowledge) with help from your friends or classmates!


5. Although it’s still a bit chilly, you know post Spring Break means Quinni’s beautiful quad will soon be filled of green grass and sunshine instead of the snow we have seen since… way too long! What better way to recuperate than spending a relaxing afternoon on the quad?


Post Spring Break definitely will have its tough moments, but if you recuperate properly at Quinni they’ll be that much easier! The second half of spring semester at Quinnipiac will fly by; it is important Collegiettes remember these five reasons to love recouping at Quinni so we can make the most of our few months before summer!

What’s your favorite part about QU after Spring Break? Tell us by tweeting @hercampusqu!


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