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5 Lessons You Learn in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Quinnipiac chapter.

As we all know, college is a time for transformation and molds us into the individuals we will be in the future. Through the good and the bad, the blessings and the lessons, we become stronger and learn more about ourselves as well as what we want out of life. Here are some of the lessons I know almost every college student will learn at least once in their college career.

1. There is more to school than getting good grades

Yes, while the utmost important part of attending college is to earn a degree and receive an education, it is also important to enjoy the little things and remember to have fun. Looking back ten years from now, you aren’t going to remember how you did on your biology test. Go out, take some risks and be a little crazy once in a while. (Don’t forget to study though!)

2. Surround yourself with only the best people

While it may be a bit difficult to figure out within the first year, you will realize who you want to be around and stay friends with your whole life. It sounds cliché, but associate yourself with only the people who will support you and lift you higher. Try to avoid anyone who drags you down or brings negativity to your life

3. Use your money wisely

There will be multiple instances throughout your four years when you are completely broke or close to it. The first year, you will recklessly spend, but you will eventually learn how you want to spend your money. Try to remember to spend more money on experiences rather than objects.

4. Seize every opportunity

Whenever an opportunity is presented to you, be sure to take it! It just may lead you to something that will alter your entire college experience in the best way, and if it doesn’t, at least you can say you tried. By taking chances and experiencing new things, you can make valuable connections as well as beautiful memories.

5. Time really does fly

We say it all the time but I don’t think anyone understands how fast time passes by until they are a junior or a senior in college. One second you are a freshman and the next you are starting your first day as a senior. Appreciate every single day you have in college and don’t waste time on insignificant things because you will soon be wishing you could get the time back that you lost.  

College is a learning experience for all and will probably have the biggest influence on your life thus far. My advice is to work hard in class, enjoy time with your friends and see the good in every single day no matter how bad it may seem because these are truly the best days of your life.

I am a student at Quinnipiac University and an aspiring magazine writer/editor.