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4 Ways to be a Better Version of Yourself

Before leaving for college, most girls grew up with the same people, were involved in the same clubs or sports, and were set in their routines and patterned behavior. I know that while I was in high school, there was always a part of me that wished I could redefine myself. Even though I loved my frien

ds and I loved everything I was involved in, there were always different things I wanted to try, or certain ways I wanted to act. I guess there wasn’t anything really stopping me from trying these new things, but sometimes it is just easier to get a fresh start. This is what college is for.

This article is not for people who want to completely change themselves because they did not like their high school selves. Instead, this is an article giving ideas for how a girl who is entering college can explore new things and find out who she really is. With a fresh start at the college of your choice, anything is possible.

1) Endless Involvement Opportunities:

At most schools, including Quinnipiac, the university will host a campus wide career fair. This is a fair where each club on campus sets up a booth and explains to new students what their club or organization is all about. There is usually a club for everyone! Some of these clubs might include the school newspaper and other media clubs, sororities, global concerns groups, arts groups, leadership organizations, and different major clubs such as the health sciences group or the Public Relations Student Society of America. The list of clubs and organizations can also be found on the school’s website. Joining a new club or sorority may help you develop a previous interest, or help you nurture a new interest. There are no rules when it comes to joining organizations on campus!

2) Choose your friends:

A lot of the time, we get thrown into a niche of friends at a young age, and those friends last all the way until we get into high school. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but starting college allows you the chance to choose friends who want the same things you do. Maybe in high school, all your friends were sports fanatics and by default, you never were able to interact with people who shared other interests with you. When you go to college, you will find all kinds of people and be able to surround yourself with people of similar interests and life goals.

3) Physical and mental growth:

Unlike the repetitive and lengthy high school schedule, college allows more flexibility and freedom with how you structure your time and how you fill that time. Unlike a lot of high schools, colleges usually have a gym (or multiple athletic centers) that are right on campus. Getting into a healthy exercise routine not only helps you stay in great shape, but also helps with stress relief, and the ability to focus on school work. When I was in high school, I barely had time to work out. Except for my volleyball season, my schedule was too packed to dedicate a part of my day to exercise. With the more flexible schedule at college, I was able to work exercising into my schedule, and gained more muscle and confidence in return.

4) Create a new reputation:

Often times, it is difficult to shake a personal reputation in high school. The reputation doesn’t have to be bad, but it can be restricting and discourage you from performing outside that reputation. For example, a girlfriend of mine only ever dated jocks in high school. If she were to ever date someone who wasn’t a jock, or jock-like, people would be extremely inquisitive. When she left for college, this reputation of hers fell away. In fact, she has been dating a guy who is a theater major and debate team member since her freshman year. This doesn’t just apply to your taste in boys, but also your taste in clothes, music, movies, interests, and anything else you can think of.

There are obviously more than just these simple things a girl can do to better get to know herself and develop into the adults we are destined to become, but they are a starting point. College is a place where you can study anything, join any club, date any kind of guy, wear any kind of clothing, improve your physical and mental fitness, and choose your future. It’s important to realize that college is your time to shine! Don’t do want mom and dad want you to do, or what society expects you to do. Do whatever makes you happy, and makes you the best version of yourself.

My name is Ciara Duggan. I am a senior public relations major at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. I love to write about everything and anything and I love writing for Her Campus Quinnipiac.
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