3 Shows You Need to Binge Right Now

As a Netflix and HBO GO junkie with a lot of free time on her hands (as of late), I've been binging on some pretty great shows. The ones featured below are some of the series that I currently have my eye on, because you can't have just one

1. "Big Little Lies" on HBO

I have quite the sweet spot for HBO shows-- "Game of Thrones," "Girls," "The Night Of"... the list goes on. "Big Little Lies" is currently on HBO with only five episodes aired so far-- plenty of time to catch up! The show features some of the best actresses and actors including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Adam Scott and more. The series is set around a murder that occurs at a boujee fundraising event for a boujee elementary school in Monterey, California. No one knows who was murdered-- yet-- but slowly, each characters' secrets unravel at your feet. And trust me, their secrets are juicy. You won't want to miss out on this show. 

2. "Shameless" on Netflix

On the opposite side of the financial spectrum, we have "Shameless." How could you not want to be friends with the Gallaghers? You'll find yourself wishing you were right there alongside them through their mishaps, downfalls and best moments. This show isn't for the sensitive or easily offended; there's a ton of real-life emotional and financial issues, addiction and bold sexuality, among other things. In other words, this show is deep, real deep. It will make you cry, scream, laugh, cringe and sigh at every turn-- but that's why it's one of the best. 

3. "Black Mirror" on Netflix 

"Black Mirror" is a Netflix original for those who are interested in the endless possibilites of technological advances, and what it can-- or can't do-- for our society. The show explores how consequences of technology can shape our lives, mostly in a dark, eerie way. The series consists of stand-alone dramas, which means every show features a different topic and you can bounce around from episode to episode without missing any of the plot. While each episode is different, all have underlying messages of what could go wrong if technology begins to take over our lives... if it hasn't already. Sound familiar?

If you're in need of some R&R (rest & relaxation), binging these shows will definitely be worth your time. I guarantee you'll be interested in the shows above, and less interested in what's on your planner for tomorrow. Happy watching, collegiettes!