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12 Drake Lyrics to Use as Your Selfie Caption

One thing almost as hard as capturing the perfect selfie is coming up with a perfect caption. But have no fear, collegiettes, Drake’s catchy lyrics are here to help us out with our Instagram captions. Here are twelve Drake lyrics that fit any selfie situation: 

1. “Right back on my worst behavior” 

Photo courtesy of Mia Henningsen 

Song: “10 Bands” 

This lyric is perfect for a picture from a night out—either solo or a group shot!

2. “Twenty-four hour champagne diet”

Photo courtesy of Nicole Stabnikov 

Song: “Money 2 Blow”

For a cute, solo, full body picture. Especially for those 21-year-olds!

3. “I’m just sayin’ you can do better”

Photo courtesy of Mia Henningsen 

Song: “Marvin’s Room:

For a pretty selfie when an ex bae or a guy you have a crush on is with another girl.

4. “’Where you moving?’ I said, ‘Onto better things'”

Song: “10 Bands”

Perfect for a hot picture of you that you’d post when you’re getting over someone or you’re just feeling sassy.

5. “I know you still think of the times we had”

Song: “Marvin’s Room”

We all have experienced number three far too many times. 

6. “I’ll be the one you remember”

Photo courtesy of Cait Derrikson

Song: “Find Your Love”

Again, refer to number three. 

7. “They always say the hottest love has the coldest end”

Photo courtesy of Aimee Lane 

Song: “July”

Another good caption for when you’re on the rebound of a break-up. 

8. “Know yourself, know your worth”

Photo courtesy of Rachel Pruyne 

Song: “0 to 100”

For a simple mirror or normal selfie.

9. “My excuse is that I’m young”

Song: “Trust Issues”

For a hot solo shot from a night out.

10. “Looking for the right way to do the wrong things”

Song: “Lord Knows”

For a sexy selfie to show off to all of your followers.

11. “Two in the morning my mind is on you”

Photo courtesy of Aimee Lane

Song: “Change Locations”

For when you’re missing an ex.

12. “Peace sign in the air like I’m Nixon”

Photo courtesy of Christina Stamatos

Song: “Star67”

For a silly picture with a peace sign in it, duh!

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