11 Perfect Times to Use the Blinking Man Gif

According to Bustle, the blinking guy gif is "all of us." It embodies every "oh, really?" moment we've experienced, especially as college students. The gif is relatable, hilarious and can be used for pretty much every reaction one has. Here are some scenarios where the blinking guy has totally been us:

1. When you expect to pass an exam you didn't study for and you get your grade back 

2. When you're checking out at Sephora and they read you your total 

3. When you hold the door for someone and they dont say "thank you" 

4. When you drank water all day, but you're still not skinny

5. When you ask your boyfriend to hang out and he says he's hanging with his friends tonight 

6. When you're spilling tea to your friends and they tell you they already knew that 

7. When you ask to pet someone's dog and they say no 

8. When you ask if spelling counts on an exam and your professor says yes

9. When someone borrows your charger and you ask for it back, but they ask what percent you're on 

10. When you decide you're going to have a relaxing night, but your roommate barges in yelling to go out

11. When someone says they don't like Beyoncé and/or "Game of Thrones"

Overall, this gif can be used for basically any response, ever. The next time your friend would rather go to Panera than Chipotle, hit 'em with this gif.