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While it may be the case that movies which fall into the ‘rom-com’ genre will never quite be accepted by the general public as the most sophisticated of films, it’s hard to deny that they are good fun nonetheless. And the genre seems to have experienced a recent revival in Hollywood, with 2018 marking the release of Crazy Rich Asians which was just as hyped up as it was successful. So, whether you haven’t yet had a chance to watch the movies on this list or you’re taking a break from studying and looking for a re-watch, you’ve found the right place.

1. The Candy Jar

The Candy Jar will remind some of you what it was like to be in your senior year of high school (and perhaps why you’re grateful to not be anymore), filled to the brim with anxiety over extracurriculars and university applications. The film follows two main characters who, despite coming from nearly opposite walks of life, are equally matched in career ambition and passion for debate club. Though seemingly juvenile at first glance, The Candy Jar explores the sudden happenstances of life and what it means to adjust when things don’t go exactly as you planned it – it is a charming tale to suit those of us in our transitioning stages.

2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

If you’ve been putting off watching TATBILB because of the frenzied media attention it received upon release, maybe this article can persuade you to give it a shot. Based on an equally sweet contemporary trilogy by Jenny Han (which I recommend reading first), this Netflix original is adorable enough to distract you from whatever it is you need distraction from. Lara Jean is funny and relatable as a main character, who also happens to be half Korean, contributing to the improving representation in mainstream film. Peter Kavinsky as the primary love interest also gives you someone new to swoon over and root for. It’s not revolutionary, but it doesn’t need or try to be.

3. Your Name

Your Name is a stunningly animated Japanese film about a city boy and a small-town girl who begin switching places (and bodies) at random during sleep – as you can imagine, disastrous and hilarious moments ensue. It’s important to note that one of the most poignant and memorable aspects of the movie is its soundtrack, which perfectly compliments the narrative it accompanies. This is a magical story told extremely well in a polished form, and is a must-see even for those who do not particularly consider themselves fans of animated movies because it just might change your mind.

4. Set It Up

Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell make an amazing pair in Set It Up, a movie about two strung-out personal assistants who decide to embark on a mission to romantically set up their austere bosses (hence the clever title). It carries with an undertone pertaining to the stresses that come with moving away from student living and into adulthood, as well as the worries surrounding being in a job that is not one’s end goal. It manages to make you laugh without making you cringe (at least, not very much) and simply put, succeeds at being one of the better examples of a movie that is both romantic and comedic. PS: it also has terrific re-watch-ability value.



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