Words, Words, Words

Music has always been a very large part of my life. My music taste has evolved throughout the years, from classical music to K-Pop, to mainstream pop songs, to mellow Indie songs, back to mainstream pop songs… Music allows me to escape from stress, understand myself, experience other people’s emotions, and just be a better human being in general. Whenever I am walking to and from class, or studying in the library, I will undoubtedly have my earbuds in, listening to songs on Spotify (and occasionally to ads, since I do not have Spotify premium).

For me, well-written lyrics are equally as important as good melodies. Some lyrics, combined with the power of music, are able to capture the essence of my feelings and thoughts at a particular point in time. Other times, a fragment or a phrase from a song would jump out and leave me with a moment of “awe”, smiling stupidly, because the lyrics conjured up some long-forgotten memories.

I wanted to share some of my favourite song lyrics with you.

Perhaps, some of them will resonate with you too:

Life’s for the Living by Passenger

Don’t you cry for the lost

Smile for the living

Get what you need and give what you’re given

Life is for the living so live it

Or you’re better off dead

Never Know by Jack Johnson

Never knowing shocking but we’re nothing

We’re just moments

We’re clever but we’re clueless

We’re just human

Amusing and confusing

We’re tryin’ but where is this all leading

We’ll never know

Reunion by Paradise Fears

And we all look so damn happy

Even though we’re all so lonely

and we’re standing close together

Cause we think that it’s the only way to feel

Like we’re not alone

Cause we’re not alone

When We Were Young by Adele

You look like a movie

You sound like a song

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young

Things That Stop You Dreaming by Passenger

Well if you can’t get what you love

You learn to love the things you’ve got

If you can’t be what you want

You learn to be the things you’re not

Don’t Wait For Him by Side Saddle

And if the boy needs time to stay at home and make up his mind

There are a lot of things you have left to do

But don’t wait for him to love you

World Gone Mad by Bastille

When it feels like the world’s gone mad

And there’s nothing you can do about it

Places We Won’t Walk by Bruno Major

Sunlight dances off the leaves

Birds of red collar the trees

Flowers filled with buzzin’ bees

In places we won’t walk