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For lots of people hair is one of the most important parts of their appearance, making the thought of a large change in their hair is either exhilarating or terrifying. For me, after months of debating whether to cut my bangs or not, being in quarantine and the boredom that came along with it inspired me to finally take the plunge and exhilarating myself with the exciting act of cutting my bangs. I will be talking about the reasons that pushed me into cutting my bangs that may convince you to make the change also.


Change was one of the biggest reasons why I decided to finally do something with my hair and cut off some bangs. For the third year in a row I had been rocking the same plain haircut which caused me to become extremely bored of how I looked. With already having dyed my hair in the past and not wanting to go through all the effort of dyeing it once again, I thought of the idea to cut my bangs. At first, I was very hesitant, not taking the thought very seriously but after being in quarantine for a couple weeks and getting more and more bored everyday with my hair, I thought it was the perfect time to take a chance and do something about my hair.

More Hairstyle Options

For me, I was always the one to do the same hairstyle everyday and never wear my hair down – meaning it was either in a ponytail or a bun daily. With bangs, I know I have the option to hide them and look like before, or let them out and style them in different ways to make it look like I’m wearing a different style everyday with little effort. With the option of full bangs, splitting them in the centre, pushing them to one side or even hiding them all together, with these options I can make even the simplest hairstyles look like they took effort or that it looks different each day.

Keeping Up with Styling 

Cutting bangs does take some extra effort as I can’t just let my bangs go all natural and do their own thing like I do with the rest of my hair. Choosing to cut bangs during quarantine meant I don’t have the obligation to style my bangs – no matter how crazy they look, allowing myself a trial run to see if I’ll be too lazy to have to take care of my bangs while having no consequences. Much to my surprise, even though I can be very lazy when it comes to styling my hair, the excitement of change and trying to make my new bangs look good has inspired me to keep up with taming my bangs. So if you’re concerned about keeping up with the consistent styling, I can say it’s at least worth a try and you could be surprised by yourself just like me.

Bangs Can Grow Fast
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Rachel Phillis

Especially with the times we are in now, I think that you will not get a better chance to try that fun new haircut you’ve always dreamed of. With everyone stuck at home for a while, cutting bangs now will be a great chance for you to try out a new style and see if it fits you. You can take this time to find different ways to style your bangs, how to work it into your daily routine, etc. way before the day we are allowed freedom once again. In the end, if you decide bangs don’t suit you, you won’t have to go out to see anybody anyway, so no harm done. By the time we are back to our daily lives, your bangs would have outgrown as if nothing happened.

Shock your friends

Another plus of cutting your bangs is the fun part of showing your friends and family the results of your cut. Or, you can always call your friends for support, something I opted in to doing. If you end up loving your bangs and they suit you well, the exciting reveal to your friends and family is always a fun way to show off the drastic change you decided to make.

Of course, there are many factors to consider when deciding to cut your bangs like the commitment, hair texture, trims, etc., but if those are things that you have thought of and are fine with, then now is the great time to finally cut those bangs that you’ve always wanted.

Jordane Helvig

Queen's U '23

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