Why Drag Queens are Some of the Best Entertainers in the World

Ever since seasons 2-9 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race were released on Canadian Netflix, viewers across the country have been insanely fascinated with drag queens. Once a queen joins the show, she becomes a part of drag race royalty, where a super passionate and committed fanbase follows her every move. Let’s face it, these queens deserve their massive fan bases! Here are six reasons why drag queens are some of the world’s best entertainers:

1. Lip Sync Performances

The best queens have saved themselves from elimination with their lip sync capabilities and amazing on-stage personalities alone.

2. Characters

Some drag queens have committed to a certain type of character or aesthetic that can easily be recognized, like Sharon Needles’ iconic gothic look.  

3. Impersonators

Some drag queens are so talented that they can seamlessly mimic a celebrity’s voice and body language, like Chad Michaels’ impersonation of Cher or Derek Barry’s classic Britney Spears impersonation.

4. Comedy

Some iconic characters have incredible wit and humour. They definitely deserve credit for bringing hilarious moments to Ru’s Drag Race. For a good laugh, check out moments when “the library is open” (i.e. when the drag queens read each other for filth!).

5. Fashion-Forward Looks

Having to dive into creative challenges, queens are always successful in creating their own fashion-forward looks.

6. Surprises

Drag queens are always pushing the borders of gender and fashion. They’re constantly bringing new and fascinating looks and acts to the runway and are changing the way that we, as viewers, watch Drag Race.

Don’t forget to watch season 11 now to check out Canadian drag queen contestant, Brooke Lynn Hytes. Not only is she the first Canadian queen on the show, but has the best looks, performances, and charisma!