Why DIY Mugs are the Best Gifts

This past week I tested out DIY mugs and they were amazing.

Why are these the best gifts, you ask?

  1. No worries with going over budget. The mugs recommended for the craft are dollar store mugs, so they are super cheap to buy and still look nice.

  2. You have a reason to be a kid again and do arts and crafts. I can’t tell you how nice it was to sit back listen to some nice music and get lost in decorating. It’s a great way to destress, too!

  3. They can be any type of gift. Need a Christmas present? Use green and red markers when decorating them! They are blank canvases that you get to bend to your needs to fit any occasion.

  4. They're personal. By making them yourself you are not only putting effort and thought into the gift, but you can also personalize to any extent. Use your recipient's favourite colours or write an inside joke on the mug.

  5. Once you buy the oil-based craft markers, all you need to do is buy a mug whenever you need to make a gift. The markers come in a pack of 10 different colours, so there is no way to go wrong and they’ll last you a while!

So how do you make them?

Great question!

To begin, you want to get your markers and mugs. Once you have the materials, you need to wash and sanitize your mugs. Let them dry and then you can start drawing! You can either draw free hand or use stencils to create any look. Once you have finished with your decorating, the mugs need to be left for at least 24 hours for the ink to seep into them. When the clock stops, you can move on to putting the mugs in the oven – I know it’s a little weird, but it’s totally worth it.

The best temperature to bake them at is 250 degrees fahrenheit for two hours; with this timing, the colours don’t change on you and the ink does not wash out when cleaning the mugs. This is important! You must put the mugs in on a baking sheet when the oven is cold, and then let them sit after the two hours of baking to cool, so they don’t crack due to a sudden temperature change!

And there you go – you have a homemade gift that all your friends will love! Make sure to add a little card in the present bag saying that they should avoid putting them in the dishwasher, as the ink may chip away eventually. Sadly, nothing is perfect - but these mugs are pretty close!

If you have a secret snowflake coming up soon, I highly recommend investing in the Oil Based Sharpie pack, because they extend to any gift idea.

Good luck!